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In healthcare, every decision matters

Ethos LifeScience Advisors is a dedicated life sciences consultancy delivering unique and actionable healthcare market insights.

Ethos LSA builds on over 30 years in healthcare market research, commercialization and investment, and a track record of more than 3,000 successful projects.


What We Offer

For New Product Developers, Ethos LSA offers opportunity analysis, concept evaluation, clinical trial design input, prelaunch planning, positioning and message development, decision modeling, and insight into hospital and formulary decision processes.

For Marketers we provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of uptake, sales force consistency with market strategy, and support for for phase IV development.

For Investors, Ethos LSA informs internal and external financial commitments with cogent, reasoned analysis of the clinical and commercial value of new technologies.

Why Ethos LSA?

Value without Compromise
Because cost pressures are real, and you can't afford to spend precious budgets on subpar results...

Ethos LSA offers higher level resources, decades of commercialization experience, and clinical expertise that spans biopharmacueticals, medical devices and diagnostics.

Who We Are

Ethos LSA President Scott Fishman has been a commercial development advisor to the healthcare industry for over 30 years, with a track record of more than 3,000 successful projects.. Prior to starting Ethos, Scott was founder and CEO of preeminent healthcare information provider Research by Design.

Our Expertise

Domain expertise across the full spectrum of therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices

Allergy and Pulmonology ・ Anesthesiology ・ Bone metabolism ・ Cardiology ・ CNS - Neurology ・ Critical Care ・ Dermatology ・ Emergency Medicine ・ Endocrinology ・ Gastroenterology ・ Gerontology ・ Immunology & Transplant ・ Men's & Women's Health ・ Oncology & Hematology ・ Ophthalmology ・ Orthopedics ・ Pain Management ・ Pediatrics ・ Psychiatry ・ Radiology ・ Surgery ・ Wound Care

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Our Expertise

Biopharma is what we do, from small molecules to biologicals, devices to diagnostics. Every project starts with domain-specific knowledge and builds on decades of successful commercialization experience.


Determining what to develop, and how to market it isn’t just a probabilities game or the pro forma application of market research techniques. It’s a synthesis of experience and insight, and we’re pretty damn good at it.


Getting to the right audiences

We can quickly identify the underlying factors influencing decisions. The best interview is not an interview at all, but a sophisticated, collegial interaction that sets respondents at ease and encourages information sharing.

We’re conducted many thousands of such interactions with clinicians and surgeons, nurses, department heads, pharmacy managers, hospital administrators, patients and caregivers and other health care professionals.